Shipping lines

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(The information relating to the service offering comes from the documents circulated by shipping companies. It is regularly updated on HAROPA web site for information only/and non-binding purposes). 


  • 685 ports of call in the world including around 100 European ports,
  • ±3,900 trade offers,
  • ±70 shipping companies,
  • ±2 departures/arrivals per day with Asia and the West African Coast (WAC),
  • ±9 departures/arrivals per week with the United States.

A first-class containerised shipping offer

  • 7 daily calls by containerships,
  • Asia, #1 market of HAROPA accounting for 56% of the containerised sea trade including 32% to China,
  • America, the 2nd biggest market of HAROPA accounting for 25% of the containerised sea trade.
  • Africa