Logistics and distribution

The Seine artery, a hub of logistics expertise 

- #1 logistics hub in France : 2.7 million sq. m. of warehouses in operation
- A  multi-sector expertiseFoodstuff products: fresh/frozen, dry, liquid products & Industry: chemistry, automotive, aeronautics, textile, manufactured products…
 A wide range of value-added services
- Customs, environmental, security and safety certifications: AEO (Authorised Economic Operator), MADT (Temporary Storage Warehouse or Area)…


Have a logistics project? HAROPA gives you the solution!

* Your setting-up in maritime port zone or in the vicinity

  • Outstanding maritime offer of HAROPA, the first North-West European port of call on import and the last on export 
  • Land reserves of available surfaces for setting-up exceeding 50,000 sq. m. offering opportunities for pooling and cost reduction 
  • Close to the multimodal terminal 
  • Competitive renting costs for warehouses 
  • Tax competitiveness
  • Logistics employment area 
  • Accessibility: port and road network not congested

* Your setting-up in the Paris area

  • Close to Paris, the biggest French consumer market and the 2nd biggest in Europe
  • Reduction of renting costs for sites and warehouses according to the river transport carried out (Paris area terminals)

* Logistics and operational assets 

  • Diversity of the multimodal transport offering
  • Customs and tax facilities: bonded warehouse, free-trade zone, MAE (Export Warehouse or Area) and MADT agreements, AEO… 
  • Expert’s support: personalised advice to HAROPA in partnership with ISEL and CRITT
  • Vast panel of aids to companies 
  • Environment favourable to business: dense network of industries and exporters-importers set up along the Seine corridor


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